What Do You Do When You’re Overwhelmed?

My house is a wreck, the phone is ringing, I haven’t had a shower, and the baby is crying.Today is one of those days when I look around my house, and I see about a million and one things that need to be done. Emails need to be answered. Dishes and laundry are overflowing. Urgent errands need to be run. Bills need to be paid. It all seems quite overwhelming to me.

My consignment sale was the week before last, and I was gone from almost the entire week. The few weeks following my sale are always difficult because not only am I finishing up all the work associated with the sale, but I also have a week’s worth of dishes, laundry, email, errands, and just plain life to catch up on. As a working stay-at-home mom, my days are already packed. Trying to fit in an extra week of work is almost impossible.

When I get overwhelmed, I find that I become paralyzed. I feel like I can’t get ahead, and I don’t know where to start. Often times I even find myself procrastinating which is so ridiculous because it only further creates the feeling of being overwhelmed. If only ignoring the problem would just make it go away. That seldom seems to work in life.

Today was the first day in over a week that was commitment and activity free. I didn’t have to be anywhere at any certain time so I decided to make the most of the day and attempt to actually get some things done.

I laid Ben down for his nap, grabbed a bite to eat, and mentally began to plan what tasks I was going to do. Just as I had taken out a load of laundry and put in another one, Ben decided to wake up and not go back to sleep. Seriously? Already? I felt like I had just laid him down!

What had I accomplished in the short time he was asleep? Absolutely nothing! Honestly I was on the verge of tears. I threw my hands up and probably said a few choice words. I felt defeated before I had even begun.

I started walking up the stairs to get Ben out of his bed, and all of a sudden I felt like God yelled something at me. You know what He said? He said, “CHILL OUT!” Yep. That’s right. He told me to chill.

I stopped for a moment, and I had a few words and a few tears with Him on the staircase. I’m not great at letting things go, but I knew I needed to let my plan for the day go, at least for a little while. I had a precious baby to take care of who was a lot more important than a ginormous pile of laundry. I loved on him and tried my best to not think about everything else that I had wanted to get done.

During his next nap, I’m happy to say that he slept like a champ. I was able to get quite a few things done that I had wanted to. I didn’t get as much done as I had planned, but I got a little further down on my to-do list, and I’m trying to learn how to chill in the process.

My reactions to feeling overwhelmed are not always healthy or right. Thankfully sometimes God raises His voice a little to get my attention.

What Do You Do When You Feel Overwhelmed?

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  • http://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt

    Thank you for your vulnerability. We all have seasons like this. You will get through them and God will develop your character in them. It’s all good.

  • http://www.mamasgonecrazy.wordpress.com Kristina

    I am glad that I’m not the only one who says a few choice words and sits on the staircase to cry! I like to ignore all of what’s around me that needs to get done. Because sometimes I don’t know where to start. And when I feel overwhelmed, I do cry out to God for Him to embrace me with His peace and to give me strength to get all that needs to be done. Thank you for this post!

  • Juliedumond

    When I was taking care of Emmett (Lydia’s son) my grandson- 40 hours a week or more I was also trying to take care of my house, cook supper and pay attention to my son Jared’s needs. Even with all of Jared’s help- It finally did me in..Depression and Anxiety hit me like never before. I can say honestly I had to stop and admit I could not do it. In fact for a few days..I did nothing but be in bed and read my Bible and read some more. MY husband and children had to leave me alone and not ask me for one thing. I felt like a failure. However God put people in my life that said things I needed to hear. Because the enemy made me feel such shame and guilt that I could not do it all. Emmett went to day care…and I got a little piece of my life back. Mark became more involved as he needed to. Now Lydia is out on her own with Emmett and I miss them both. I know with her in school for nursing and having a son who is 14 months this month is overwhelming for her as single mom.
    God sees us. He knows…and He hopes we will hand it over and cross stuff off we really can’t and should not be doing. Remember I am 52 years old….not new mother material but I am a new Nona material…

  • http://candelierious.blogspot.com Lis

    It may seen a little…well, I’m not sure the word…but when I look around and I think I’ll NEVER finish, I imagine if I would to die at that very moment, would it even matter? A little morbid, but just imagine how many women long to be able to go up and get a baby instead of just having that pile of laundry to get to. Thanks for sharing. I am often overwhelmed. :(

  • Melodyborghesani

    These days when your children are little fly by…so be encouraged and know that the laundry, dishes, emails, etc. mean nothing in comparison with the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of your children. Hug them, smell them, cry with them, laugh with them, watch them while they sleep. Soak up every day with them…they are a gift!! My kids are 22 and 23 now and I miss those days when they were little and they would fall asleep while I was rocking them and wake up all sweaty and sweet. So I encourage you to delight in these days…hold them close and know that you are making a difference in their precious lives!

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